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Photos provided by the Humanitarian Mission Proliska

In the 21st century, doctors of the outpatient clinic in the village of Krasna Talivka have to go to the WC in the street, put bowls under the radiators and wash their hands in the washbasins. “GROMADA Skhid” learned about the life of the closed rural “enclave” in Luhansk region and the nearest prospects for its improvement from Yevhen KAPLIN, head of the Humanitarian Mission “Proliska”.

Information about the village of Krasna Talivka in Wikipedia is placed only in two sentences – the area and population from twenty years ago. But it was here in 2014 that the advancing Russian occupiers were restrained. Ukrainian border guards were killed in a fierce battle, but the enemy failed to capture the village and it, like the neighboring five villages, remained under the Ukrainian flag. However, being surrounded from almost every direction, that is current geography.

– The settlements of Blahovishchenske, Talove, Zolotarovka and Krasnyi Derkul with Krasna Talivka create a kind of enclave with limited access, – Yevhen Kaplin says. – If you look at the map – Russia is here on the left, on the right, and in front. In the west, there is a single checkpoint of the Ukrainian army, without the permission of which it is impossible to get to the “enclave” – ​​verification is conducted at the place of residence. Even Ukrainian service providers disappear when you cross the checkpoint. Before the war, an international checkpoint was set up in the village of Krasna Talivka, but now it is closed. In 2014, combat helicopters of the Russian army fired upon it.

Now the village belongs to Shyroke territorial community of the former Stanytsia-Luhanska district, but the village of Krasna Talivka is not spoiled by the attention of the authorities. Everything around is mined, even forests, where international demining teams work. There are no roads, no public transport either. It takes one and a half hours to go the district center. To get to the hospital, you need to ask someone to pick you up and pay 800-1000 hryvnias. The main rural transport is a bicycle. Among the infrastructure facilities are two shops, a branch of Ukrposhta, which operates twice a week, and an old outpatient clinic, built in 1963.

The number of declarations signed with a family doctor at five villages can tell about the population – there are 1 976 of them. Thanks to the efforts of local family doctor Alla Ohiienko and five other hospital nurses and practical nurses, outpatient clinic in the village of Krasna Talivka performs all the functions of a hospital. There is even a day-stay hospital and a “COVID ward”. “Medical ambulances” are not allowed here, so in urgent cases, patients are sent to the district center by SUV, which was donated to the district primary care health center by one of the charitable foundations. There are no other “conveniences” for local doctors – only inconveniences. 

Civilization enters the village this year through the Humanitarian Mission “Proliska” with its project of reconstruction of the rural outpatient clinic. It is recognized as a strategic object, the largest of the seven planned for reconstruction. Two more medical facilities will be practically built from scratch, because they do not function now. There are nine objects in total, six – in the frontline Stanytsia-Luhanska district, three more – in the Volnovakha district of Donetsk region. The Ukrainian UN Humanitarian Fund allocates 12.5 million hryvnias for all this.

– A third of all the money allocated to us, about 4 million hryvnias, will go to the village of Krasna Talivka, – Kaplin says. – We are planning to carry out major repairs: replace windows and roofs, reconstruct and insulate the facade, from which the bricks began to fall, as well as repair the interior in accordance with modern standards. Of course, we will restore the heating system and make the sewerage and water supply system. An entrance ramp will be built, and the toilet will be equipped with handrails for people with disabilities. We also want to make a parking lot for bicycles.

The purpose of the reconstruction is to make sure that in the future the National Health Service of Ukraine has no reason to terminate the contract with outpatient clinic in the village of Krasna Talivka due to non-compliance with the general requirements for medical institutions. Therefore, new equipment and hospital beds will also be brought here, and modern materials capable of withstanding repeated sanitation will be used during the repairs.

The district primary care health center has already provided the midwife center with the Internet and bought a satellite dish. After the repairs, it will set up mobile consultations for highly specialized health professionals, which will be convenient for the population. By the way, this establishment in Stanytsia-Luhanska is also on the list of objects under reconstruction.

Information on remote settlements that need to improve the services of medical institutions and for some reason were not included in government programs was constantly collected by a special monitoring group. In total, the project will provide assistance to more than 30.000 local residents, including about 4.000 children and almost 12.000 elderly people. Residents of the village of Novohnativka, where the midwife center has not been operating since the beginning of the war, and IDPs in the suburban cooperative «Olkhovski Dachi», where there has never been a medical center, are especially lucky.

– Due to the fact that the suburban cooperative «Olkhovski Dachi» have the status of a cooperative, the state cannot officially build a midwife center there. The settlement is far from Stanytsia, and the need for medical care exists, so as more than 1.000 migrants still live there, for whom this cooperative has become a second home during seven years. So we will get to work – we will make repairs in one of the abandoned houses and by agreement with the district “primary care health center” we will create a midwife center there, – a head of the Proliska mission promises.

Here is the mission cannot help with is the supply of medicine. Pharmacies are commercial establishments and are not subject to the authority of public services or philanthropists. Now, the problem is not solved. Let it be the only one and it would be much help for villagers with volunteers.

Iryna HORBASOVA/Gromada Skhid No. 9 (42) 2021