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The situation is quite familiar to many: you are a student or a junior specialist living in the mad rhythms of a big city, but your grandparents are villagers in a remote province to which even Google Map does not always find the most convenient route. Although occasional visits to relatives may be explained by the lack of free time, but it is more appropriate to optimize the interaction with the remote village using modern technologies. If you are a grandparent in the village, ask your grandchildren about the opportunities we offer you to acquaint further.

We automate obligatory payments

Your grandmother is in any case a consumer of energy services in the village. As a rule, these services provide a “Personal Account” where you can enter actual figures of the meter and pay bills online. It is unlikely that a grandmother knows about this possibility, and, moreover, can register and use an account. A grandma probably goes to the local post office every month (if it is available in the village) or goes to the district center to pay a bill. It can happen in the bad weather, with queues and paying to the cashier for the commission. So do not waste your time – add a new energy service user. In telephone mode, at the end of each month, a grandma is able to send the actual figures of the meter (otherwise, the system independently calculates the average consumption). Then effortlessly pay a bill online. If it is impossible to create a “Personal Account”, you can pay for the details of the printed bill online. The same can be done with other payments, if any (gas, water supply, utilities, etc.).

Are you communicating with your grandma on the phone, but you have never topped her mobile account up? Let us make a monthly auto payment for your connection in online banking! Find out about the mobile tariff, as there is a possibility that the provider has activated by default megabytes of internet, music ringtones, paid notifications on the grandmother’s push-button Nokia. Otherwise, she will continue to spend extra money for unnecessary services and pay a commission to scratch card distributors.

Without unnecessary routes

Discussions on forms of pension provision to villages are still ongoing. However that may be, a large number of retired people have a debit card. But the nearest ATM is in the district center. It is even worse, when there are no card terminals in the village stores. So, to get cash, a grandmother has to go to a city. Make «Petrivna» free from these financial wanderings, which are also accompanied by difficult ATM manipulations for her. Ukrposhta provides an opportunity to convert into cash extra fee from a pension card. «From card to home» is online service of fund transfer by a postal worker who is in almost every village or town, unlike an ATM. The commission for such transfer will be 1% + 19 UAH. Although is not free, but it sometimes worth the time and effort that can be spent traveling to an ATM.

Use the village post office also to send possessions, long-term storage products and medicines. As a rule, there are no clothing shops and pharmacies in small villages. Or they are quite “modest” in the range. So, get to know what you can send to your grandmother. Go to a supermarket and then to Ukrposhta with packages.

What is a village without a garden? Our grandparents are accustomed from childhood to growing crops and do not leave this “activity” as long as they have strength and health. In case you do not have time to help dig the garden, split wood, harvest potatoes or pull out the weeds, find “helpers” among the villagers. Find in advance the contacts of those who can help your grandma with the farm if it is necessary.

A bit for leisure

Television is still the main source of information for retired people. But sometimes you can do nothing without a satellite dish in far-away villages. So, find out the information you need to pay bills for online telecommunications services. Add some variety to your grandmother’s “television” entertainment by buying periodicals for her. On the website of SE “Presa”, you can order at any time an address subscription to a newspaper or a magazine from a huge electronic catalog of Ukrainian editions.

We embrace technologies

Of course, today you can do nothing without technologies. It will be appropriate to teach your grandma the basics of using a debit card. This is convenient, and in some cases profitable, as a number of banks provide cashback for card transactions. It is obligatory to explain to your grandmother the basics of financial security. Currently, elderly are the most affected by blacklegs, they tell the bank’s pseudo-employees confidential card details by telephone.

But nothing will replace man to man. Schedule time and pay attention to your relatives. It is better to create a tradition of “cultural” visits of grandma from the village to the city. Because of modesty or limited capacity, she may refuse to take such activities. Organize a visit to the theater, philharmonic, concert of folk groups, museum, exhibition and so forth. Mutual leisure will fill your life with pleasant moments and memories.

 @karantsy for GROMADA Skhid, No. 1 (10), 2020